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Behind the scenes of the making of:

Hi Busse and The Frontiersmen

We thought you might like a peek inside...

Hi Busse at the 1993 Western Music Association convention, where he was inducted into the Western Music Hall of Fame.
Behind the scenes...

Hi, Pardner is the end product of 16 years of research, 3 months of audio restoration and months of
writing the booklet. The restoration work was completed during the full moon of October 1999.

The producer is Rick Huff, Frontiersmen Productions. Associate producer is Mary Ryland, SideKick Productions ( The 36 page booklet was written by Rick and layout designed and setup by Mary.

Rick and Hi Busse became friends in 1983 when Hi walked into Rick's studio wanting to have some audio tracks transferred. During the next 14 years, until Hi's death in 1997, Rick gathered information in the form of stories from Hi, photos, recorded interviews with Hi, letters, and whatever else he could obtain by whatever methods. Since Hi's passing Rick has spent much of his time verifying stories and tracking down recordings. Some recordings which were in better shape than the ones being used for restoration were found while restoration was in progress - the two Eddie Dean recordings, Wagon Wheels and Ragtime Cowboy Joe, were found in a closet in Memphis just as the restoration work was coming to an end, which meant that the previous versions had to be discarded and the new and better recordings restored. The engineer's reaction was -- "Grrrrr.."

The recording of Blue Prairie was made in 1949 as a demo with The Frontiersmen backing Tommy Doss in his audition for the Sons of the Pioneers. When Roy Rogers first heard it he played it eight times. There is only one copy of this in the world. It did not survive very well over the past 50 year, having an extreme amount of clicks, pops, crackle and surface noise. The restoration of this one song took an entire week, The engineer's reactions was -- "Grrrr.."

Most of the photos in the booklet, and those on this web site, came from Hi's collection. However, some of them came from digging around back rooms. The photos of the performance with the Bonanza cast and the photo with Doc, Chester and Miss Kitty (Gunsmoke) were rescued from a box stashed in a small room at the New Mexico State Fair.

Audio restoration is by Computer Audio Engineering, Jack Mitchell, engineer ( The restoration engineering took 3 months of hard frustrating work. Many of the recordings were in very bad condition and unpleasant to hear. They no longer are!!
Below are a few photos of the restoration work in progress
Hard at work in the CAE studio
Jack's reaction, "Grrrr..."
Well, it was the full moon of October -- Halloween!!
Rick telling Jack, "That thump you just worked several hours on and managed to take out, I like it so put it back."
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